Acommodation bureau for Refugees

Since the end of 2015 we've been helping refugees find apartments, guest families for UMF and WG rooms. If you have a free room or a WG room that you would like to rent to a refugee then please contact us. For now because of the high demand  we are only helping refugees who regularly attend our workshops or mentoring programs to find a place.
















Here are some of the refugees looking for an apartment/room/WG room


                                    Safi from Afghanistan

                                           Safi is from Afghanistan and has lived in Berlin since the end of 2015.

                                                                He goes to school here and practically speaks fluent German. He would love to live with a                                                                      German family  or in a WG. He is very reliable and helpful and he doesn't smoke.





                                                                  Nabila from Pakistan

Nabila is from Pakistan and is looking for an apartment for her and her 2 sons.They all speak fluent German and have lived in Berlin since the middle of 2016.