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Connecting worlds.

A vision combined with action can change the world!


VISIONEERS is a recognized non-profit that supports youth welfare, based in Berlin. Based on Christian values like compassion and social responsibility, we are committed to helping socially disadvantaged young persons and addressing local as well as international development issues.

VISIONEERS manages an open youth center located in Berlin-Schöneberg. This is a place of retreat where a permanent contact person is always available to address the concerns of young people and where activities of engagement, learning & leisure are made available to connect persons with Berlin society. Since 2015, VISIONEERS has developed an increasing array of programs especially in support of refugees situated in Germany. For example, we manage a German school during Berlin’s Easter, summer and autumn holidays. The focus of this training is on German language instruction, targeted exchange between German nationals and the newcomers, and demonstrating that Berlin is a place of opportunity and a bright future. VISIONEERS collaborates closely with refugee shelters, churches and other locally-based organizations.
In addition, VISIONEERS is engaged in the promotion of education, training and vocational training in the Global South. Such an international perspective and tolerance via the exchange of culture, ideas and friendship are critical to us. Since 2017, VISIONEERS has sent annual classes of young German volunteers to Costa Rica, Peru and South Africa in advancement of local development projects through the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)-funded "weltwärts" voluntary service as well as invited federally-sponsored volunteers of the Global South to volunteer with VISIONEERS on projects situated in Germany. Through such targeted international cooperation and exchange, the ideas that volunteers bring back to their home countries upon returns from service abroad advance their capacities to lead projects in their home countries of origin.

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