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We are limited not by our abilities but by our vision.                                                                                                 Anonymous


Since mid 2015 VISIONEERS e.V. has developed increasingly more programmes to support  refugee families and individuals as well as collaborating with first contact facilities, and emergency shelters and established civil institutions.



Host a dinner at your company

We invite companies to cook under the expert guidance of a Syrian chef, who supervises volunteers from the community, as well as your employees,as they cook middle eastern-style food. This activity is open to companies wishing to engage in corporate volunteering, and it subject to availability.

Charity Bake Sale

Organize a charity bake sale at your company and raise funds for VISIONEERS.

Run a workshop

In our Mentoring program we mentor and place refugees with companies as trainees, interns etc. For this we need mentors, who can make a regular commitment, as well as workshop leaders (CV writing training, Interview technique etc.). These trainings will take place once a month and require advance planning to fit schedules.

Christmas Party

Organize a Christmas party for refugees at your office.

Wednesdays Creative Sewing workshops

In this convivial atmosphere, particpants are invited to let their imagination and creativity flow freely and  to sew hats, gloves, pillows bags or anything they desire, with the generously donated rich fabrics and crafts. Attendees develop confidence in their communication and handcraft skills. 


The class is led by Artist/stylist Julia Schmidt, along with Syrian-born tailor, Omar. Julia has a passion for design using fabrics and loves to teachher gifts. For more information, check Julia’s Blog at - Kreativ in Berlin -DIY & Lifestyle Blog

Music lessons and sessions

In cooperation with a local music school, Simon offers free guitar lessons and music sessions for refugees. We are looking for more worshippers to join our events or teach an instrument or singing!

Friday Football Practice

Playing Football takes discipline, physical strength and commitment..  Leaders see many benefits in Sport leading to both immediate and long-term rewards.  Our players learn about ethics, teamwork, overcoming adversity and strategy. These are skills for Leadership in life, work and civil society. Our players are mainly teens from different backgrounds and languages, but transform to become one team with one goal to win the game. 

The trainings are led by a seasoned team of football fans, including Kevin from "Athletes in Action".  

German Lessons

Upon arriving in Berlin, refugees are faced with a language barrier. Our conversational German sessions provide the basic language skills for daily life, from filing papers, to starting a conversation. Whether you are attending school or not, come and join us for a moment of learning and laughter. Learning German has never been this fun and easy!

Our classes are led by our fun and loving German native speakers Angelo, Sinja and Eva tuesday, thursday and friday.

Homework club

Julia has started a homework club in Connections. At these sessions, studentscan get individual support and assistance with their homework. This club is available to all children and youths from the district. The aim is to provide children from socially disadvantaged families with free access to training and support in their learning. To facilitate this homework club, we require financial support to purchase learning materials, in particular, school books, which are especially expensive. 

Give a Smile Workshop

When people flee from their homeland and lose everything, they need all the basic items to take care of themselves. In this workshop we help them to remember to take care of their health first. In a fun and convivial atmosphere, we are providing dental hygiene courses, where we promote the benefits of maintaining healthy teeth throughout life. Children learn how to care for their teeth and receive a gift pack with all the basics for teeth cleaning. The workshop is led by Dental students.

Teenage Mentoring program

We have successfully developed a teen mentor program and we will expand it to our corporate sponsors as a volunteering program this year. Many refugees are teenage boys who have fled the war alone, leaving their parents and families behind. They arrive to our countries exhausted, without work references, and with the task to start their lives anew. As teenagers they are looking for someone to reach out to when the rubber hits the road, someone they can look up to as a role model, a go-to reference.

A one-on-one relationship is very enriching for both parties as they learn to grow together. For our volunteers, it is a chance not only to inspire someone, but to hone your influential skills with long term affects.

Adult Mentoring program

In our Mentoring program, refugees are mentored by us and placed with companies as trainees and interns.. For this we need mentors, who can attend regularly, as well as workshop leaders (CV Training, Interview technique etc.). These trainings will take place once a month and require advance planning to fit schedules. Additionally, we need consultants who can support us in implementing and improving projects.

Cooking help needed

Most of the teenage boys come directly after school to our activities. We would love to have volunteers to prepare them some simple lunch (rice, arabic bread, vegetables, humus etc).

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