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Volunteering in Berlin

Project Description

Weltwärts is a learning service. With weltwärts you can improve your knowledge of language, gain work experience and acquire intercultural competency. This allows you to meet people from other cultures as equals. At the same time, you make a contribution to VISIONEERS, a German charity organisation.



  • Help with daily youth work with young adults (refugees)

  • Support general office activities

  • Tasks depend on your talents and passions


  • Between 18 and 28 years old

  • School degree, completed vocational training or comparable experience

  • Strong personal identification with the mission and goals of Visioneers e.V.

  • Good knowledge of German in spoken and written (B1)

  • Very good communication and motivation skills

  • High social skills and teamwork

  • Flexibility, creativity, ability to learn

  • Committment of 12 months

  • Ability to adapt and survive a Berlin Winter ;)

You can learn the German culture more closely through life.  This exchange program gives you more insight into the reality of people in Germany, lets you overcome prejudices and serve young refugees. Dealing with German culture also allows you to take a new, critical look at your own culture and personal habits.

Beside this you will earn: 

  • 100 Euro Pocket money

  • 95 Euro for groceries

  • Monthly Bus ticket

  • 25 Training Days

  • Help to get a German visa for 12 months

  • German Health Care

  • Living in a host family

  • Work in an international team in a Social Startup




Please send us your CV, motiavtion letter and recommendation letter (f.i. from a pastor) to our email:


Usually you need to apply 6-12 months before joining our ministry due to organize VISA. 

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