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  We are limited not by our abilities but by our vision. 


With a focus on global companies, our motivation is to develop professionals and create social impact by matching the professional talents of volunteers with the needs of community-based nonprofit organizations. To supply and connect the volunteer with the right skills to the right project at the right time will allow a greater impact and stronger relationships between volunteers and the nonprofit sector.


With an extensive national and international network and expertise, VISIONEERS offers customized volunteer programs, engages your employees, provides professional consulting and networking opportunities with other companies.

Employee volunteering opportunities

The Employee Action Day is an exciting team-building project, planned and delivered for you at your choice of location across Berlin, for example help us renovate refugee apartments, charity bake sale, .

Let your employees use their expertise while volunteering abroad.  Volunteers will develop new skills, expand their horizons, whilst simultaneously gaining intercultural and language expertise.


Do you want to volunteer and make a difference with your skills but cannot leave the office? We connect you with non-profit organizations you can support from your own home office. You simply tell us in what area you would like to volunteer and for how many hours, days etc. 

Send your employees on a  volunteering adventure with other professionals from all over the world. On this 10-day volunteering trip, every day is an opportunity to make a difference, develop deep and lasting connections. With the guidance of experienced facilitators, they will engage in leadership training, skill-building workshops and action planning.

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