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We are an international team of visioneers who have set ourselves to create long-lasting and positive social impact.

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Natascha Tepaß

CEO & Founder

Natascha Tepass was born and raised in Berlin. Studying in Chile and Brazil, she graduated university in business administration and communication. She has worked in more than 7 European countries in the sector of the German Food industry and as a consultant in the economy department of the Chilean embassy. 


After more than 7 years of international working experience, Natascha decided to combine her desire to empower people to get an expanded vision and to have an impact in a sustainable way. She is using her volunteering experience, her corporate skills and global network and started VISIONEERS in 2015.


Robert Tepaß


Robert Tepass is responsible for the team management at VISIONEERS. After graduating from NYU Stern School of Business in investment banking, he has spent some time living and working across several countries in Europe, South and North America. Robert speaks German, English and Spanish fluently. We are happy to have him as our treasurer serving as a volunteer in Berlin.


Miriam Röll

Head of national projects

Miriam is a social pedagogue and responsible for the national youth projects at VISIONEERS. She earned her degrees in education (B.A.) and social work (M.A.) and combined them with various social pedagogical internships in Germany and abroad. After her education she returned to her hometown Berlin, where she worked in school social work for many years before taking over the youth leadership at VISIONEERS. 


Dennis Shen


Dennis Shen has provided probono support to VISIONEERS in project management and financial strategies. He worked as an economist in the Global Economic Research Team at Alliance Bernstein in New York and London, most recently focusing on Europe. Dennis Shen completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and graduated with an MPA in International Development from the London School of Economics in 2013.

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Giresse Dako

Youth streetworker & Sport trainer

Giresse Dako comes from Benin. He has been working with our various youth projects since March 2020 and  is leading the project "Fair Play- Boxing creates community" from August 2021.

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Meike Frank 

Senior Trainer & Project Advisor for international Projects

Meike joined the team in April 2021 as a trainer and project officer in the area of international projects. She studied international business administration in Germany and Chile and has worked in the areas of communication, organizational and human resources development in Germany and abroad. She is also a graduate of the OnPurpose program and now brings her many years of experience in project management, as a trainer and coach to our association. Meike loves the dynamics of group processes and learning and growing together when different people and cultures meet.

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Sabeth Schwarz

Project Officer

Sabeth is responsible for project management in the area of corporate volunteering. She plans and coordinates the Fit for the Working World project, which builds a bridge between young adults with a migration and/or refugee background and Berlin's business community.


Christina Mathiak

Learning support specialist

Christina joined our team in March 2021. She works in a home for refugees and offers tutoring for school children several times a week. As an American who grew up in various countries in Africa and has lived in Europe for many years, she has a heart for intercultural encounters and mentoring children and young people, whom she enjoys helping to overcome cultural barriers.

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Elisabeth Nielsen


Elisabeth is 19 years old, comes from Cologne and has been working as a federal volunteer in our team since August 2021. She supports the team in different areas of youth work.


Andres Nunez


Andres is our weltwärts South-North volunteer from Quepos, Costa Rica. Since March he is in Berlin and supports us in the team. 

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Jordy Fonseca


Since August, Jordy has been part of the Visioneers team as a federal volunteer. He comes from Costa Rica  where he studied Industrial Electronic and Informatic. He worked by himself in Technical Support since 2015. Jordy really likes to travel, meet new people and discover new cultures. He likes to help people and improve his knowledge in technical things. Jordy  supports us as an IT expert for the next year.


Naema Jochum 


Naema is 22 years old and comes from Kaiserserslautern. After her high school graduation in 2018, she spent a year in Lima, Peru, as part of a voluntary service. She has been studying social work and practical theology in Marburg for 2 years and is now completing her internship semester at Visioneers. Here she supports the team in different areas of the open children and youth work.

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Daniela Weber 


Daniela is 21 and originally comes from near Stuttgart. She is studying Social Work and Religious & Community Education in Kassel and has been doing her internship semester at Visioneers in Berlin since mid-July, where she mainly supports the work of the development policy volunteer service weltwärts and 2 days a week youth work.

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Nele van der Kemp


Nele is 20 years old and studies social work and community education in Kassel. She is completing her internship semester at Visioneers in Berlin and supports the team there in various areas.


Lia Lossau

Project Collaborator

Lia joined our team in February and is currently supporting the Mobile Jugend Lern-Hilfe.Jetzt. project and on social media.

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Dione Amoako

Project Collaborator

Dione has been working on various projects since 2017. Currently, she supports children and young people in HomeSchooling as part of the project Mobile Jugend Lern-Hilfe.Jetzt. 



Company Dog

Happy is our club dog. He is always in a good mood and loves attention. He spends most of his time with us in the shop window, but he can also ride a longboard. 

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