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Turn your vision into reality - become a volunteer!

We envision a world where individuals can use their talents to change the life of others and action social change. VISIONEERS wants to break down barries by connecting the business scene with social charities.


VISIONEERS creates opportunities to overcome and address the challenges charities have with your specific talents and experiences.

Our volunteer placements allow you to stretch your skills in a new environment, develop new skills through practical experiences, achieve your personal and professional leadership goals,  build an international network and serve the poorest communities in an effective way. 


Whether you are a creative entrepreneur, a competent cook, an adventurous dentist or you simply want to help others - we will find the right volunteering opportunity for you.



This Global Volunteering Program is aimed at people who want to volunteer abroad for a certain period of time. This includes an orientation-session before volunteering abroad and intercultural training in the volunteering country.

Go on a volunteering adventure with other young professionals from all over the world. On this 10-day volunteering trip, every day is an opportunity to make a difference, develop deep and lasting connections. Under the guidance of experienced facilitators, engage in leadership training, skill-building workshops and action planning.

You are studying and you want to be socially involved by using your skills and passions. We can help you to find a suitable project.

This multi-generational Volunteering Program is aimed to engange the entire family. Children can often work side-by-side with their parents.

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