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Corporate Volunteer testimonials


Thank you to all the volunteers! Here you can read and see some success stories.

Daimler AG


"We came with a team from IT Daimler AG and renovated the Cafe Connetions. Thanks for the invitation, it was great be able to help and use our hands and the final result."


Erik Battke



"Last week, I had the great priviledge to take kids, who are currently living in the refugee camp Berlin Spandau, to the pony farm Klandow and spend the whole day with them there- an experience that has taught me a lot.

It was able to make a truly unique experience and I really hope I will be able to further volunteer with VISIONEERS in the future. I also hope that I will continue to meet people who are willing to contribute their time to such great causes."


Lara Melzig

Bonial International GmbH


"I was introduced to Visioneers in the fall of 2015 when Bonial International participated in a service event organized by Visioneers focussed on building community with refugees living in Berlin. Our team assisted with event setup and cleanup as well as preparing and serving meals.  Throughout the evening our team was able to spend time meeting and getting to know the guests (refugees) and learning about the joys and challenges associated with their new lives in Berlin.   


I was impressed with both the format and execution.  Building relationships is a critical component of sustainable service, and this event was clearly structured with that in mind.  Visioneers effectively and efficiently organized members of the public and refugee community to gather and feed over a hundred people - not a trivial task when working with volunteers and across cultures and language barriers.  This experience was valuable to the Bonial and the team members that participated and we hope to participate in or help with similar events in the future.  From my perspective, I feel that I understand much better on a personal basis what it means to be a refugee and this helps put the broader civic discussion in context.


Since the event I've had the privilege of meeting the founders to learn more about their vision and I believe in their mission.  The beauty of their format is that it's open to any volunteers who are planning a service event with their company or organization (depending on availability of space, of course). 

In closing, I can recommend that companies and foundations invest time and resources to support Visioneers.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions."

Dan Cripe



"Thanks for the great cooking event and organization! It was a great team event where we can learn real life problems."


Andre Kiwitz



"Thank you dear Natascha,  that we were able to get to know the children the charity VISIONEERS! We had a super nice day, have learned a lot and will remember this day for a long time. You're doing a great job! Thanks also to the talented and super sympathetic photographer - which have become insanely beautiful pictures! We look forward at the next opportunity and to be with you!"

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