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Mentoring program for refugees

We help refugees to integrate into German society through ongoing mentoring programs, which allow participants to forge personal and professional connections, and to participate in their local communities.


Project description

Many refugees have travelled a difficult road and may be disorientated or traumatized by what they have experienced.  Our “mentees” are highly motivated and often very qualified and skilled people. However, because of their specific circumstances and the fact that they were not born in Germany, and therefore lack the necessary language skills, they can struggle to get an education or secure a job in their field. In many cases, refugees do not have a rhythm or structure to their daily routine.


The mentoring program at VISIONEERS e.V provides  participants with a mentor who will continually support them in their everyday life.


 In our mentoring program refugees will be accompanied by us and we will arrange apprenticeships, internships etc.



Job of the Mentors

- Meet with your mentee  for 2-3 hours a week

- Act as a regular companion for social orientation and integration

- Explore schools, free-time opportunities, clubs, parks, areas etc.

- Undertake regular  fun activities  together (for example,museums, concerts, cinema)

- Support the long-term independence of mentees by helping them with practical tasks, such as, finding an apartment or an internship

- Help mentee to learn German (e.g. practice vocabulary)



Job of a workshop leader

- Lead a workshop with a certain theme (writing a CV, interview practice etc...)

- Prepare and clean up the workshop

- Please have a good comprehensability



Requirements of Mentors and Workshop leaders

- have a minimum of 2-3 free hours a week

- Have a political management certificate  (if working with underaged refugees)

-  Beready to start immediately, flexible, patient and adaptable

-Be ready to use your knowledge for a good purpose

- Make a commitment to come to an intercultural training and preparation seminar

- Be ready to set a good example to the refugees and to respect their religious beliefs. (For example,  do not  drink or smoke in front of, or with, them.)







                                           Video about our mentoring program (in German)







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