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Our partners in Berlin



We thank Connections for letting us use their rooms for our different workshops and give the refugees free drinks and snacks.

Café and Library Connections


The network "bridge" pools complementary knowledge of institutions and bodies to ensure the best possible support and consulting of refugees seeking work in Berlin. The support and consulting aims at long lasting work relationships for refugees and improvement of their right of residence in Germany.

Athletes in Action

Once a week, athletes from the association Athletes in Action conduct football training with 20-30 refugees. The mission of the association is to help sport enthusiasts discover and unleash their potential as athletes and humans.

Baptist Church Schöneberg

Every Wednesday, the Babtist Church Schöneberg allows 20-30 refugees to play football in their gymnasium.


The association weltwärts Exchange Organisations in Development Cooperation e.V. (ventao) is a quality association and an interest group of sending organisations in the weltwärts program.

Ventao and its members support the mutual exchange of people in development partnerships. They enable mutual learning and lay the foundation for an engagement of the people involved for sustainable development.

Land of Berlin

VISIONEERS says "Thank you" to the land of Berlin for supporting our youth sewing workshop.


Vostel connects humans who want to do impactful volunteering with charitable organizations. Thanks to Vostel we have a lot of volunteers for our projects.

Our international partners



Abraham Project in Costa Rica

The project is located in Villas de Ayarco, which is an outlying community of Tres Rios, Cartago, Costa Rica, which is only about 25 minutes from the capital San José. This project, designed to reach out to the hurt and lost, was initiated by a few local Costa Rican people with very little money. It has since grown into a major effort as more people have joined to complete the task at hand.  


In 1998-99, money to purchase approximately 2.4 acres of land was raised locally in Costa Rica with none of the money coming from stateside sources. Since that time, they have been able to complete  Children’s Homes, Daycare, Professional Consultation Offices and Life-Skills Workshops, where they provide training to help people learn specific skills that will facilitate finding a job or starting a small business. Some of the classes that are offered include English, computers, artisan crafts, manicure/pedicure, cooking and sewing.


UNO+ is located in the small beach village Esterillos Oeste, in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, approximately 2 hours from the capital San José. This NGO started in January 2013 and aims to help the most vulnerable. The goal is to have "better children for the world" by transforming the children and families in this community through education workshops, lessons, tutoring, etc.

We are helping this team to start to build a technical school in Limon2000. They saw the need of higher education in their small town. Julio Abarco with his wife are the main leader of this project. They get the support of a local lawyer couple.


This technical school will teach many different jobs, as well as English so students can work as local tourist guides later.

Technical School in Limon2000

Carlos and Rosario

They have served as pastors since 1983, currently are the founders and International Ministries directors Coalition, an organization dedicated to empowering leaders and local ministries serving primarily with individuals and communities in situations risk.


Some of the services offered are: training, consulting, human resources short and long term, channeling finance, project logistics, etc.

Chance e.V.

Chance e.V. is a christian, charitable organization for sustainable and fair development.

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