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Volunteering for graduates and students

You have just graduated from high school or are studying and you want to be socially involved without to spend a lot of money. We can help you to find a suitable project. Just send us an email with your CV and write what you want, when and where in the world you do volunteer work, and we will connect you with suitable projects worldwide. We have a wide network of projects that need your help.

Our placement service is free, if you're happy, we are happy about a donation or a recommendation to your friends.

General qualifications

  • No Alcohol and smoking in the projects (you have a role model, many people and parents have alcohol problems)

  • Willingness to adapt flexibly to the local conditions.

  • Willingness to use his knowledge and skills to good use.

  • Willingness to participate in an inter-cultural training prior to the start of volunteering.

  • No love relationship with people in the social project

  • Willingness to participate in a basic vocabulary language course before beginning the activity.

Do you want to volunteer with your family?

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