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Lerning Spanish with Jordy!

This time I will tell you about my experience in a new small project, which never really crossed my mind to teach my mother tongue in a foreign country, at this moment I have only given two classes which I think have been of interest or benefit to the people who have received them, in total there have only been two people in each class.

When I proposed the idea of Spanish classes I thought of course why not offer my knowledge of my mother tongue to people who are interested in learning, but then a couple of days before I was a bit nervous and didn't really want to do it haha, but at the moment of action I could really enjoy, laugh, teach a little while I was doing it but the nerves were still there maybe for never having done this before or for not being any kind of teacher.

Something curious or interesting is that when I prepare the lesson I look for the topics I want to teach or the way I am going to teach the class but at the moment of giving the class practically everything changes. This made me philosophize a bit that life many times or maybe always there will be very different moments in which we will have to change our perspective or adapt to a new situation to be "flexible", For example, it happens to me with Spanish classes before I start them, maybe I don't want to do them or I don't find the emotion to do them but then when I'm already there giving the class the perspective changes, it changes to one of wanting to do what I'm doing and enjoy it, so that's my experience so far.

Quieres aprender español?


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