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2 months in Berlin

During these two months in Berlin my experience has been a constant learning and personal growth. From how to take public transportation to learning new words, every day represents a constant challenge and learning. In my experience working as a volunteer in a kindergarten I have also learned a lot about pedagogical techniques as well as a little bit more since the children turn out to be very good teachers thanks to their honesty to correct you when it comes to pronunciation.

Regarding personal growth I think the experience of being a volunteer in Germany is very enriching, the challenge of leaving our comfort zone in our country where we can manage very well, to a country with a completely different culture, language and infrastructure can be a little difficult at first but the important thing is always to have a good attitude.

In these two months I can say that I have met wonderful people both in the organization and in the place where I volunteer, they have valued my ideas and have made me feel at home, they have also supported me in times when I did not feel very well. It is always important to have good energy, to be receptive and to do our work with love and dedication.


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