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The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility: 10 benefits for companies

Trust, commitment, transparency, good governance, ethics, and innovation are some of the key words that the

leading companies of the world are currently possessing.

Companies are realizing that the rules of the past are no longer effective and are working hard to make a difference. Awareness of their roles as agents of change, enterprises have decided to replace the traditional criteria of shortsighted management. By implementing a long-term addition to pursuing economic results this provides social and environmental benefits.

For companies like Ikea, Ferrovial, the Group Mahou-San Miguel, or Google, among many others, the Social Responsibility is not just a current trend, but an essential pillar of their business strategies. And in view of its current triple bottom line, these strategies seem to be working effectively.

A good and well-implemented strategy, such as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), has many competitive advantages. This is just a short list highlighting the ten main benefits from implementing Corporate Social Responsibility.

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