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10 Interesting Websites for Finding International Volunteering Opportunities

There are certain things in life that everybody should participate in, and volunteering is definitely one such thing. Volunteering can occur in a variety of ways, but if you’re a person who wants to support good causes and is also eager to discover the world, meet new people, learn languages and experience new things, listen to this: you will love volunteering abroad.

A simple internet search will yield many options, making finding the right opportunity challenging. Do not panic, we’ve found 10 great websites you can use to find the best overseas volunteer opportunity fit for you.

Based in the USA, this international platform connects individuals searching for volunteer work, internships and job opportunities with an assortment of recruiters, organizations and industries. Searching on the website does not require registration and is very easy. Simply set your criteria (industry, type of pay, job function), type in keywords for whatever you’re looking for and browse the ensuing list for the opportunity that most appeals to you. Note that many of the projects are not sponsored by Idealist, but by third-party organizations so don’t forget to click any provided links in order to do more research and find out if the conditions suit you.

Just for students, “isvolunteers” offers both adventure travel and international volunteer opportunities for teenagers. Its volunteering programs are divided into two different categories: Environmental conservation opportunities in Australia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, South Africa and Thailand; and volunteering with children in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, South Africa and Thailand. Take note that the program has a fee that ranges from about 2,000 to 3,000 USD and include lodging and meals.

3.- GoVoluntouring

From restoring some frescoes in Italy, to getting involved in the orangutan´s protection in Mexico, this website offers a variety of destinations and volunteer programs abroad. Their wide range of causes and destinations is amazing, but are probably not the best option for those looking for a lower-budget travelling and volunteering experience.

Based in Germany and concentrated in two countries, Panama and Costa Rica, Visioneers is wholly dedicated to providing free volunteer opportunities for all kinds of profiles. Because Visioneers works directly with NGO’s and local communities with whom they have close relationships and consistent communication, the website almost guarantees a proper fit between the volunteer’s profile and the target project. NO COSTS are involved except for those related to the pre-departure, individual orientation individualized preparation session, which costs less than 100€.

5.- One-World 365.

Besides trips, tours and paid work, “oneworld” also offers volunteering vacations for individuals and families. Be sure to check the specific NGO involved link for further relevant information.

Aimed at pairing anglophones with volunteer teachers, its programs are classified in two broad categories: essential service support (child care, tutoring, health care etcetra) or teaching conversational English. Their opportunities are open to all kind of profiles, from seniors to students to couples or families.

7.- Projects abroad

Projects abroad categorizes their volunteer projects by age and cause. Located in Latin America, some African countries and Asia, their program has a wide range of options. Additional services like language courses can also be provided. Expenses vary depending on the country and programs’ length. For further information you can check their multilingual website.

8.- Moving Worlds

For those seeking professional skills-based volunteer jobs, this start-up is really useful. It offers worldwide opportunities selected according to your profile, skills and preferences. Registration is required in order to check the available projects.

For those in the USA this organization offers plenty of opportunities to collaborate within your community. Simply select your current city and the cause in which you would like to get involved and their search will offer many available options, the schedule required and its localization. Through registration, you can also get involved on their global volunteer network.

10.- Bunac

Bunac offers many options: volunteering, internships, summer jobs, work camps and more. Although it´s main focus is the young people if UK / Ireland and Germany it also provides international volunteer opportunities without age restriction.

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