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Volunteering in Costa Rica

“I would like to assist the activities in Casafé and support the staff!” Those were my thoughts when I decided to work voluntarily in a Christian youth centre in Jacó (Costa Rica) for three weeks. It was a great decision and I’m happy I did it! Those three weeks were perfect for me. I know it sounds exaggerated but most of the time it really was perfect.

I stayed in Casafé – with Lisa, Emily and Krissia who were there to do youth work. I assisted them during various activities and just lived with them. Some of my tasks were organising the teen circle, giving English lessons, helping the children with their homework as well as cooking, praying and dancing together – basically, I took part in their everyday life.

The expectations I had before starting my volunteer work have been exceeded by far. In fact, I feel like I received far more than I was able to give back. It was unbelievable how cordially I was welcomed into everyone’s home, how they shared everything with me and showed me all sorts of typical Costa Rican things. To name just a few things: Every Friday we went to the farmer’s market, we hiked to a water fall in the jungle, visited the national park and I got to try some regional specialities. Another important thing: They even taught me how to surf! ;)

My advice for everyone who wants to volunteer in Costa Rica or in another country: Be open to encounter the unfamiliar, be prepared to support in any way possible but most

importantly be ready to receive, too, and to enjoy the time! Keep this in mind and nothing will stand in your way of having a great time as a volunteer.

Are you motivated and want to take action? As a volunteer in Berlin or in Latin America? Get in touch with Visioneers. We are glad to help you find a suitable project. You can find an overview of our different offers here.

This blog post has been published on our german blog and translated by Lisa Chapman.

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