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Wayfair Volunteer Day at Visioneers Berlin – experience report

In December, Wayfair's EU Promotion Planning team spent a volunteer day at Visioneers Berlin.

The team spent the whole day with the boys

  • planning and cooking a delicious and copious lunch with international specialties for the guys & the staff

  • chatting in English & German with the guys and helpers, exchanging stories and laughs (+ playing with “Blume”, a dog belonging to one of the guys’)

  • making an advent calendar as a gift for the boys, which was the opportunity to explain this local tradition.

In addition to using their Volunteer Day, the team went even further and used their combined 2-month team event budget to finance expenses and even a donation to the association.

This budget is normally intended for team building events, such as team dinners or other activities.

“It was such a rewarding experience – seeing the boys light up throughout the day, and feeling we could have a positive impact (even a small one!) on their lives for a few hours.” said Hortense Tarrade, Associate Director, EU Category Management.

Wayfair's EU Promotion Planning team at Visioneers Berlin

Thanks to Aixa, Anesia, Gabby, Helen, Hortense, Lizzie and Rachel for taking the initiative and using not only their Paid Volunteer Day but also their monthly team event budget to help this wonderful organization.

Special thanks to Natascha from Visioneers for her ideas, friendliness and flexibility – and generally for the amazing work her organization does!

This experience report was first published on 14th December 2016 on LinkedIn by Anna Toews, Recruiting Assistant at Wayfair.

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