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Qvartz - Corporate Volunteering Event

On Friday, April 28, 2017, we had a visit from Qvartz, a business consultant agency. Eight employees from Norway, Denmark and Sweden were traveling to Berlin for a Corporate Volunteering event in the morning to meet Maria, Linda, Lin and Suzanne from VISIONEERS. Maria and Linda are currently completing an internship at VISIONEERS and are mainly active in the administrative sector. Lin is engaged at a technical institute, she is also an intern at VISIONEERS and would like to start an apprenticeship as an industrial saleswoman. Suzanne is an Erasmus student from the Netherlands, studied in Sweden and volunteered with us. We are very glad that everyone could be there.

The day started with a brief “get to know each other” and a presentation on VISIONEERS to give our visitors a good picture of VIVIONEER’s activities and work areas. Lin reported about the refugee situation in berlin, explaining the biggest problems, the developments and the areas where the most help is needed. She could contribute her own experiences and answer many questions in detail. Suzanne prepared us a delicious meal- thank you very much! - so we could learn more about each other in a relaxed environment.

Many refugees came to our homework club, which takes place every Friday from 15:30 to 17:00. All of them are very motivated to learn German, and are appreciating the help given a lot. Some Qvartz employees were able to teach German or they helped with math difficulties for example. As a result, all participants got to know each other even better and exchanged ideas. Both sides could benefit from the meeting with games and fun and could take home much of what they have learned.

The atmosphere was overall very relaxed, so that everyone could feel comfortable and a good exchange took place. It was very nice to have Qvartz with us and we are happy about the time spent together. Thanks a lot!

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