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Happy: The Dog in the VISIONEERS Window

In our neighbourhood, Happy is well-known as “the dog in the window”

The first thing you see when you visit Visioneers is our club dog, Happy. He greets new visitors warmly by giving them “kisses” left and right, as one might do in Spain or France. Happy is incredibly popular, and everyone enjoys his company. Children and adolescents are his biggest fans, as he has both a very relaxed side and a crazy, playful side. On the one hand, Happy loves to cuddle as soon as you sit down on the couch; on the other hand, his wild and rebellious side comes out when you take him to the park. We’ve had to chase after him many times!

Each and every day, our staff members see all kinds of pedestrians stop at our window and look at Happy curiously. He gazes lovingly back at them with his big, black doggy eyes. He loves being in the spotlight and enjoys all the attention. Happy gets along with people of all ages, be it our elderly neighbors or his 4-month-old brother, Liam.

What else can our club dog do well? Eat leftover food from the floor. An office dog is a great way to keep the floors clean! Happy also very fond of taking walks in all types of weather, which lets us incorporate more exercise into our daily routine. Whether it’s snowing, raining or sunny, Happy likes to be outside.

Happy likes to sit at the table and help us while we work.

Just a few weeks ago, we had an experience with Happy that we will likely never forget. We were all certain that Happy had been kidnapped and that we would never see him again. A mystery woman had taken Happy with her so she could take him for a walk. She claimed she knew his owners (quote: “I know the woman with the husband and baby”) and eagerly took him away. We were in shock and were worried we would never see him again. Thankfully the woman returned with Happy after a while. It was a small adventure with a happy ending. Happy’s lively manner puts us all in a good mood and also provides some funny moments in our workday. And lastly it must be said that our little companion, with his permanent smile (thanks to his overbite!), simply has a special place in our hearts, because without him in our office we just wouldn’t be quite as “Happy”.

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