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DEICHMANN advanement award honour

The time we are experiencing at VISIONEERS is very special.

With pleasure, I want to share with you what we are and were experiencing.

The last years were intense, eventful and most of all we didn’t know how to cope financially the next month.

The Youngsters came and stayed. They found a new home here after they lost their home.

They became part of a family after they left their own family.

Every month we had to see where the future is taking the association: How we would pay the rent of our storecafé (after we finally found our own premises), how we could cook food for the youngsters, when they came hungry home after school and also how we could honor them and offer leisure activities, which are quite naturally for german teens from time to time.

We have experienced and seen many things and how we can make a difference in the life of each and everyone.

How we could get Kids off the streets and encounter them in their isolation with a feeling of security, and respect and acceptance.

In the last three years we became more strategic and structured with our work and for different areas we could reach new people who put heart and soul in their respective projects.

After three years of development, commitment and passionate investment in our youth, we were honored in a very special way.

We received the DEICHMANN ADVANCEMENT AWARD FOR INTEGRATION from the Deichmann Foundation and state secretary Siegrid Klebba of the Berlin Senate Administration for education, Youth and Family.

We are overwhelmed, honored and very happy to be a part of the Berlin youth welfare, to be accepted and taken seriously. Also we are able to contribute to the youth development for this city.

In our daily work we recognize how important it is to help the teenagers, who established VISIONEERS as a part of their own Life, holistically and all-embrasing. In the future we want to be more active in the individual care and to support those precious humans in the best possible way. In that way they will meet all the conditions to shape their own future actively and independently.

In the beginning of fall some of the teenagers we are coaching for 3 years now started their professional training. Now we can finally see the fruits of our efforts and are very thankful.

We are more motivated than ever before to give our best and to position VISIONEERS e.V. more broadly. In that way we will meet the needs of this generation for attention, home and non-violence in the best way and together we will start into a strong future.

Thank you to all who are helping us, are with us all the time and are cheering us on. VISIONEERS reaches the next level and we are very happy that you are taking part in it.

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