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3 months in Berlin

Three months after my arrival I have had one of the most enriching experiences in many ways, from learning a new language, to being able to understand a little of how to work with children and the dynamics of working in a kindergarten in Germany. My perspective of being a volunteer is to leave a legacy in the children and also educators where I am volunteering. In my case I have reoriented my knowledge in organic agriculture to be able to work with the children, like planting some plants, so they can see how they grow and have a little more awareness about nature.

In the personal sense it has also involved some challenges, such as adapting to a language as special as German. Now, 3 months later, I can begin to understand it better and speak it a little as well as adapt to the routine of such a big city that at first seemed super difficult and now is all very familiar.

For me it has been a great help to keep a positive mindset and try to learn the language in any spare time.

For me, the experience of being a volunteer in another country, as in this case Germany, is one of total personal growth and constant learning. And the most important thing for me is to be able to leave a good legacy as a person.


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