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How we experienced the Berlin Summer Holiday School 2021

Learning progress, new friendships and lots of fun - our Berlin Summer Holiday School was a complete success. On Monday, July 12th, it finally started after we had put a lot of energy into the preparation for several weeks. For the next two weeks our daily routine looked like this: In the morning at 9 o'clock the team met for the last arrangements, printing worksheets and organize the lunch. Afterwards, the German lessons started at 10 a.m., with everything from grammar and topic-specific tasks to solid debates. Divided into a beginner and an advanced group, we met for this part of the day in our office in BelzigerStraße and in the nearby Cafe Connections. This way the lessons could be well adapted to the Corona rules as well as to the different levels of German. For lunch break at 1 p.m., both groups met at Heinrich-Lassen-Park and enjoyed sandwiches, homemade couscous salad or sometimes lentil soup. After an exhausting round of soccer or table tennis we went to our leisure activities in the afternoon. Here, we offered a wide range of sporting, creative and informative activities. What would have liked most: beach volleyball, bouldering, a visit to the technology museum, making short films, or a relaxing day at the lake? We definitely enjoyed every afternoon together :)

How enriching the summer holiday school was for all participants became especially clear to us during the debriefing. We were able to experience how well the young people grew together and how they motivated and helped each other. With many of the young people, it was easy to see how they had surpassed themselves more and more and had steadily gained more confidence in their German lessons. Whether it was new vocabulary, a better understanding of grammar or deeper insights into relevant topics, all participants learned something from the German lessons at the summer vacation school. But even beyond the lessons in separate groups, new friendships were formed that will hopefully continue.

Not only for the participants, but also for us team members, the Summer Vacation School was a very valuable experience. Especially in terms of flexibility and spontaneity, we were able to develop our skills. Again and again we had to adjust our plans due to the weather or the wishes of the participants. All in all, we learned a lot about planning and implementing social projects. Furthermore, we were able to establish good relationships with the young people and will hopefully see some of them again very soon and be able to welcome them again at the next vacation school.


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