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"IT-Chef" in the Visioneers office

Hello, my name is Jordy and I arrived in Germany two and a half months ago. In the time I have been here I would like to share a little bit of my experience.

I arrived on the 27th of July after an exhausting but at the same time exciting trip as it was my first time out of the country. In my first week I was in quarantine. After that I had my first weltwärts seminar which I liked very much as I met new people, learned a bit of German and acquired new knowledge thanks to the different topics of the seminar. After the seminar the real work started both in the Baustelle and in the Visioneers office.

Work at the Visioneers office:

In the Visioneers office I work in IT support as it is something I studied and I also like very much. I like working in the office as I can help to solve technical conflicts, create accounts, mails, install new computers, do formatting, install all the different programs that are used in the office,... in general I like to work with any kind of technology or device. In the office the atmosphere is nice, my colleagues are hard working and good people and I like the time I spend there.

Work at the Baustelle:

I started my work at the Baustelle three weeks after arriving in Germany. Between the predominant grey colour and the smell of cement we worked with effort and dedication for two months to see the first results of the WS1 (workshop 1), which is now 100% completed. I had never used the kind of tools before that I used in these almost two months, my experience with them was good and interesting.


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