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Live, enjoy and learn from the process

I decided to call this blog this way, because I consider that participating in a volunteer work outside your country is a process, from the moment you decide to apply until the day you finish your task in that place, but it doesn't end there, because from that process you gain experience, strength, knowledge, lessons and even new people in your life.

In this case, I want to share about how my process has been in the two months I have been in Berlin, Germany. It is important to note that the process of each one of us here and of the future volunteers may be different from mine, however anyone could identify in some way.

Coming to Germany to volunteer, may be one of the biggest dreams that a person can have, for another person it may be just a short term goal that they had in mind and in some cases it may be something that came up spontaneously and without planning it. Whatever the beginning of the adventure in Germany is, there will be a process, for some it will be harder and for others not so much, but there is a great social contribution behind each of the people who dare to live this experience.

In my case, volunteering in another country was part of my dreams and goals in life. Two months ago I took my things, said goodbye to my family, friends and boyfriend and started this dream. We all have dreams and goals to achieve, we have to fight for them and be perseverant, including the fact that sometimes we will have to move away for a while from the people we love the most. The process that I have experienced during these two months in a country with a totally different language and culture has been really remarkable.

I go back to the first days of my arrival, and I can remember how I cried every afternoon, how everything seemed so different, the great effort I made to try to fit in and adapt quickly, until today, two months later where I have advanced in my process, I have managed to adapt a little more, I have advanced with learning the language, I have managed to meet amazing people and I no longer get lost in the city. A few weeks ago I pretended that everything would happen very fast, but I did not realize that I was living a process - like any process in life, each stage must be fulfilled. I know that I still have good days like the day I was able to successfully fulfill all my duties in kindergarten and there are also bad days like when I feel lonely. However, everything is a process, and I am sure that as time goes by I will continue to learn, I will get better and I will be able to adapt.

My message is: whatever the process is when you start your volunteering, live each stage of that process, because you will never live that moment again, try to enjoy and most importantly take the good and the bad as learning, this way you will never lose. The social contribution that you will give during your volunteering is really significant and nothing and no one will be able to take away from you what you will learn.

Believe in your process.


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