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Motivated during the Lockdown- our tips for working in homeoffice

The Covid 19 pandemic has kept us busy for over a year. According to the contact restrictions during the 2nd lockdown, most of the VISIONEERS team is currently working from home. What mainly brings advantages for some (keyword "undisturbed work"), means for others an additional restriction beyond their private life. The exchange in chat programs, by telephone and video conference does not replace personal contact with colleagues. But a healthy optimism and good self-organization help us to stay motivated in these special times:

I realized how important it is to have a routine and recognize your energy levels depending on the time of day.

Sabeth: "I've just moved to Berlin to join VISIONEERS as a project officer and I'm really looking forward to the change that my new job at VISIONEERS and all the things around it bring. Even though my tasks at the moment mostly involve PC work, spacing and masking, they are still very varied and exciting, as VISIONEERS has many projects running or in the planning stages even in these volatile times.

I have been writing my master's thesis from home for the past few months and have noticed how enormously important it is to have a structured daily routine and to set daily goals, no matter how small, in order to be able to use and divide one's energy efficiently. This is easier in times free of crisis and often happens all by itself. It was not until the crisis that many of us realized how much weight we all attach to daily contacts that we had previously taken for granted, to lunch breaks together, and to an extensive evening round with friends. So many little things became more important and people became more aware of each other.

I think that's where the opportunity lies. In the past few months, I have become more aware of many things and learned to appreciate them. I have noticed how important it is to have a routine and to recognize your own energy levels depending on the time of day. At what time of day do you concentrate best; at what time do you prefer to do odds and ends? What can you treat yourself to in order to reward yourself for what you have done and to motivate yourself to go one step further? I asked myself these questions and many more to find out when and how I can best motivate myself for my tasks. However, fixed working hours and a team at VISIONEERS definitely make it easier for me than finishing my thesis in my own four walls.

When I notice that I'm losing motivation and concentration, I take a short break, get up, get something to drink, walk a few steps and let some fresh air in.

Anna: I'm glad that the project Mobile Jugend-Lern-Hilfe. Now! project brings some variety into the workday and at least one project can take place.

Otherwise, I'm working a lot on the computer right now. When I notice that I lose motivation and concentration, I take a short break, get up, get something to drink, walk a few steps and let some fresh air in. That usually helps, so I can concentrate more afterwards.

What I also miss is the direct exchange with the team and team meetings in presence. But it's still nice to see everyone once a week in the video team meeting. It also makes the exchange more difficult, but phone calls and voice messages make communication via cell phone and computer much easier.

And otherwise, I'm just looking forward to the time when the projects that are being planned and are in the starting blocks can take place. Hopefully it won't be too long until then!

It's important to remember your goals every day as well as set new ones and also be happy about the small successes.

Lia: I am a student and currently in my internship term, which is why I started my internship here at VISIONEERS in the middle of the second lockdown. That's why I'm very happy to have a different and, above all, more varied daily routine right now. When I think back to the last trimester, I only remember my own four walls and my laptop, which practically replaced my entire student life.

All the more I now enjoy the new daily routine, the variety and the fixed structure during the week here at VISIONEERS. Above all, I am very grateful to be part of the project Mobile Jugend Lern-Hilfe.Jetzt! So I currently spend every morning during the week in a residential group where I help young people with homeschooling and learning German. In this project I am confronted a lot with the topic of motivation, whether it is to motivate one or the other young person or to benefit from the energy that is brought along by many of them.

Especially the topic of motivation in the Corona crisis I find very important, because many people currently find it difficult to motivate themselves and not to lose the desire. It is important to remember your goals every day and to set new ones and to be happy about the small successes. I am very motivated by my new daily routine in the internship and am grateful to be able to enjoy a real working day despite the lockdown.

For me It helps to take a piece of paper and pen in my hand and write down a to-do list

Lisa: A "crisis" always becomes more manageable when you can predict when it will end. That's what makes the Covid 19 pandemic so hard to bear for many, because the outcome is uncertain and there is no consensus even among scientists*.

I've learned in recent months to live more in the moment. What helps against the perceived loss of control? Making everyday life more controllable through routines and clear goals. I start the morning with yoga, not every day, but 2-3 times a week. Afterwards I ask myself: What do I want to achieve today? It helps me to actually take a piece of paper and pen in my hand and write down a to-do list, which is a welcome change from digital tools.

And I always try to keep in mind what we want to achieve with our project work. There are groups that are currently suffering even more from the effects of the pandemic. Think of the countries that feel the economic consequences much more than we do in Europe (link to post about youth unemployment in Costa Rica) or the vulnerable groups in our society like the homeless here in Berlin (link to PM about Pallaskiez). Our own situation is quickly put into perspective when we consider our own privileges.


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