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"Quality trumps quantity"

"Fabi! Fabi!" is being shouted all over the field. It's 1:30 p.m. sharp and Fisnek, one of the Aki children, who comes every day, is eagerly waiting for us to open the gates of the "Aki". As soon as the gates are open, Fisnek runs to the Aki house and asks, as if he can't wait another minute, if he can borrow the soccer ball. Because soccer is Fisnek's absolute favorite activity on and off the Aki. With the soccer ball in his hand he sprints to the soccer field in all weathers, even when it's icy, and then calls out again "Fabi! Fabi! Come quickly, quickly! We have to play soccer! “

But now enough about Fisnek and playing soccer at the Aki, with whom I spent more than 80% of my time, because soccer is also my favorite activity at the Aki.

What are my tasks at the Aki? In addition to many educational tasks, such as playing soccer, the children can experience many adventures at the Aki. The highlight: the huge trampoline in the Aki house, on which the children can learn awe, body control, as well as their own confidence in body and mind, while having a lot of fun. Taking care of the kids there, giving useful advice and teaching trampoline tricks are just a few of my tasks at Aki House. But the most beautiful thing from my point of view is the incredible variety. Be it the different characters of the children, the many different stations or the constantly changing challenges for the caretakers, the Aki team always has an answer.

Unfortunately, due to the "hard lockdown", the Aki was of course also closed, which meant a lot of boredom in everyday life for many children - myself included. My tasks at the Aki now changed drastically and 4 hours of playing soccer turned into renovation work, where I could also learn a lot. For example, we painted the house and the new fence of the new riding arena. Yes, Aki also has many animals: sheep, rabbits, chickens and of course horses. Unfortunately, because of Corona, it was also no longer possible to ride horses, which led to great disappointment among many children. Of course, the Aki also had to cut back on numbers because of Corona, and so there were far fewer children on the Aki than usual. But also for this the Aki team found an answer because "quality trumps quantity" and so we made the best out of the situation, as probably everyone did during this difficult time.

Despite Corona, my time at Aki offered me incredible moments that I hope I will remember all my life.

I send my best regards to all the children and caretakers of the Aki! Hope you all stay healthy during this time.



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