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The show must go on

Even in times of Corona and in lockdown, the school is obliged to provide emergency care, even if this means that there are only four lower school students to look after in the whole school. It makes quite a spooky impression, and yet it also gives me as a counselor the peace of mind and the opportunity to deal with each individual student even more intensively than before, be it with homework or personal problems.

Before the hard lockdown, things looked very different. Making sure that 20 to 40 students follow the special Corona rules, both for homework and lunch, is quite a difficult task. Patience is crucial when working with children, so every minute I have to tell one or two of them to please wear the mask over their mouth and nose.

My duties also include supervising the ball sports and company AG. Although I already have several years of experience as an AG leader during my school career, it was a new challenge to make the AG attractive for the students under the current Corona restrictions.

In the company AG, the children work together on a common project, like in a company. After a few weeks of trying things out, the kids more than surprised me with their ability to work in a team and their urge to create something themselves. Unfortunately, the project "make and sell your own mask" and many other things had to be put on hold for the time being due to the school closure.

In my now coming last weeks at school I hope to take as many beautiful experiences with me as I can. At the same time, I'm patiently waiting and hoping to leave for Costa Rica soon, and until then I'll be practicing my Spanish diligently.

Adiós, Luca

Luca is 19, comes from Kornwestheim, Baden-Württemberg, and is a volunteer in the weltwärts volunteer service 2020/21. His departure to Costa Rica, originally planned for August 2021, was delayed due to Covid 19 pandemic. Since summer 2021, he has been volunteering at Wiggy, Wirtemberg High School, where he also went to school. Luca is expected to be able to leave in August 2021.


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