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Yay! That was our fall vacation school 2021!

Our fall vacation school took place again this year - and was once again a great success!

We would like to tell you how we perceived the Autumn Vacation School 2021...

It started on Monday, October 11 at 10 a.m.: A group of young people, some of whom already knew each other from previous vacation schools with Visioneers, met many new faces who were participating for the first time. Everyone was eager and excited to see what they would experience and learn over the next two weeks!

The course for the beginners was taught by Marc in Belziger Straße. The students Rebekka and Dana supported him on several days. The group consisted of up to 10 participants from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. For two weeks each morning, this group of girls was able to build their vocabulary, practice listening, speaking and writing, and brush up on grammar skills. Particularly popular were the regular article gymnastics, German birthday songs, the song with the alternating prepositions and the practical life exercises on topics such as visiting the doctor, telephoning and shopping. For some participants, speaking German in front of and in the group was not easy. After regular participation and thanks to the patience and support of the group, by the end of the two weeks most noticed a new confidence when asked to carry on a conversation in German.

The advanced group worked simultaneously in the new rooms at Sachsendamm under the guidance of Miriam and the intern Daniela on challenging topics such as the German Bundestag and the democratic parties or the subjunctive. Overall, this group was much livelier. The games Werewolf and TABU were especially popular this time. For the next vacation school, we are planning to make even more references to the afternoon program in the morning German course, if necessary, and to teach background knowledge and vocabulary, for example.

In the afternoon, after a joint lunch, often cooked by our volunteer Gabriel from Costa Rica, we continued with a varied leisure program. Bowling, a Rally through Schöneberg or a visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum accompanied by our street worker Giresse, ensured that the young people were strengthened in their community and developed lasting friendships.

The feedback round at the end of our vacation school strengthens our conviction that we were able to give the young people a lot during this intensive, eventful time, be it knowledge of German, the feeling of community, self-confidence or a new, trustworthy contact point for problems and difficulties, which VISIONEERS can represent for them! We are happy about everyone who participated and thank the DKJS for funding this project!


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