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Teeth-cleaning lesson with dentistry experts

Visioneers aims at encouraging people to leave their comfort zone from time to time and make use of their talents and skills in possibly unusual environments. Our volunteeers Julia, Lisa and Laura have done exactly that last week. The three girls from Berlin are all studying dentistry at Charité Berlin and wanted to dedicate some of their time to volunteering. In cooperation with the visioneers team, the idea of supporting refugee families with dental prophylaxis came to life. In the following article we would like to tell you more about this successful day.

When Julia, Lisa and Laura arrived at the refugee camp Berlin Spandau, with tooth brushes, tooth pastes, dental floss and lots of toys for the kids, they were already greeted by a group of kids. After introducing themselves, all the kids had the opportunity to show how they usually brush their teeth on an artificial set of teeth that the girls had brought along. The kids had so much fun that they could hardly be stopped. After this exercises, the three students took their time to explain why dental care is important and how one brushes their teeth correctly.

After the theoretical part, the kids could apply what they had learned: Everyone was split up into small groups, where the kids got tooth brushes, tooth pastes and dental floss to try out what they had just acquired. The three dentistry students provided advice and support for them at all times. The three future dentists also made time to answer any questions about dental care that older siblings and parents of the kids might have.

The teeth-cleaning lesson were a great success and the three students are now planning to take this project further. "The kids loved it and everyone participated- even the parents", Laura summed up this great day. The students would also like to emphasise that their commitment to this project is not only about teaching proper dental care, it is also about spending time with the refugees and showing them that they are welcome.

If you also have a special skill or if you would simply like to volunteer your time, please do contact us. We will definitely find a project that will suit you.

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