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An afternoon in the Luisenstift

The project "Mobile-Jugend-Lernhilfe.Jetzt" takes us to different places in Berlin and I take you to an afternoon in the child and youth care facility "Luisenstift".

At 2:15 p.m., I set off with my colleague from the office in Schöneberg to arrive about 40 minutes later at the door of the Luisenstift in Berlin-Zehlendorf. There is still relatively little activity in the facility, because most of the children and young people, some of whom are between 12 and 16 years old, arrive later from school, some of whom are far away. But a few children are already there.

One of us stays in the lower group with 6 youngsters, while the other goes to the upper group, where 10 youngsters live. Up there in the common room, she now waits for students with difficulties with homework or upcoming classwork and offers appropriate tutoring. Most of the time it is individual students or small groups that are tutored at the same time. While not much homework was assigned at the beginning of the school year, the phase of classwork and tests for which we study together is now beginning. 

We also wrote some applications for student internships, simulated job interviews, and practiced using a computer, documents, research, and PowerPoint. The young people were able to exchange ideas and learn from each other!

Personally, I really enjoy going to Luisenstift for the "Mobile-Jugend-Lernhilfe.Jetzt" and seeing how the supervision of school tasks is met with relief and gratitude, both on the part of the leaders and the students themselves. The learning support is already firmly established in the routine of the facility and the young people now come to me independently with questions and problems. I'm looking forward to getting to know the young people even better and think it's great that projects like this are made possible. A big thank you to the "German Children and Youth Foundation" and the Luisenstift


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