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World of Illusions – first VISIONEERS holiday school

For the first time ever we hosted the VISIONEERS holiday school during the easter break. You might think to yourself. „Holiday school? That sounds super boring!“

But don't be deceived by the name, because our holidays were anything but boring!

We had a varied program filled with volleyball games, bowling and table football, a visit to the Urban Nation Museum and a treasure hunt thereafter, trips to the park and much more.

Museum of Illusions

One of the highlights of the first week was certainly our visit to the Museum of Illusions where we spent two hours puzzling over impossible rooms, marvelling and taking funny pictures. Our trip to the museum kept reminding us of how easily our senses can be deceived and that not everything is what it seems at first glance. In the following days we learned how optical illusions work, experimenting ourselves as well as drawing and building our own caleidoscopes.

Graffiti and Street Art

Graffiti and Street Art were two other topics we focused on during the holiday school. The participating young people designed their own name tags in graffiti style and showed lots of creativity. Over the course of the week they had the opportunity to expand on their imagination and put their own ideas onto tote bags and canvases. We largely worked with the stencil technique, meaning that with the help of our custom-made stencils, we were able to spray the same motif more than once. By the end everyone had managed to design a bag and a canvas based on their own ideas and the results were amazing!

Writing Workshop

During the eight days of holiday school we learned new words such as „sturmfrei“ (which is German for „empty“) and spoke about terms relating to the topics of illusions and feelings. Moreover, we learned how to write/compose an „Elfchen“ (derived from the German word „elf“, eleven). For those of you who didn't participate in the writing workshop with Rochi and do not know what an „Elfchen“ is: It is a poem consisting of eleven words and five lines. Here's a small example:

Holiday school

Learning language

In creative ways

Discovering Berlin together


Culinary Highlights

We were a diverse group of young people and employees from different cultures and had the opportunity to learn a lot from one another. Two young people participating in the holiday school prepared Syrian and Afghan food which we got to try, for instance. It was amazing!

For those of you who got curious reading this text:

You have the opportunity to join the VISIONEERS holiday school this summer! Our „Summer Jam“ takes place from July 15 to 26. Expect cool activities, sport and trips! Registration is possible as of now via the website or through our office.

The holiday school was a great experience - it expanded our vocabulary, made our walls more colourful, broadened our horizons and gave us new friends!

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